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´╗┐Storm Saltwater Fishing Lures - A Must Have For Saltwater Fishing


Storm saltwater fishing lures have earned their reputation for some of the best saltwater lures on the market. There is a huge selection of Storm saltwater fishing lures to meet every saltwater angler's needs from the small Wildeye hair jig on through to the amazingly lifelike swimming crab lures for bottom feeding species. In addition Storm makes an excellent selection of topbaits and shad, herring and anchovy lures for trolling and casting for saltwater species.

One of the main lines in the Storm saltwater fishing lures are the bugs. These multi-sized topbait lures are great for areas where saltwater fish are feeding just off of the vegetation beds and are moving after bait fish close to the surface. The bugs are a basic plug, colored in natural bait fish colors as well as the brighter colors such as yellow, green and even metallic and reflective colors.

Another of the popular Storm saltwater fishing lures are the shad swimbaits. These are soft plastic minnow shaped bait that is made with biosalt to add a natural flavor to the lure to prevent the fish from spitting it out. The head of the swimbait is weighted to give a natural presentation to the bait, and the eye is highly reflective to give additional flash when in the water. Many of the shad swimbaits are holographic, allowing for maximum light reflection in even murky waters. These large swimbaits come in five and six inch lengths for even the largest of saltwater sports fish species.

Most of the Storm saltwater fishing lures feature the holographic eye spot, which often will trigger aggressively feeding fish to strike. The Kickin' Minnow actually has a sectioned tail that provides a dramatic and authentic movement of the tail when it is being retrieved through the water. The weighted head and lip give the minnow a naturally downward diving motion that closely matches the movement of the baitfish. They are available in four, six and ten inches lengths for fishing for a variety of species. The colors on the Kickin' Minnows range from purple through to shad coloring and even bright greens and oranges.

Perfect for those bottom feeding fish, Storm saltwater fishing lures that mimic and feel like the real crawfish in the area are ideal for fishing grouper. The slow decent of these lures is mesmerizing to the fish and often results in strikes before the lure hits the bottom. The softer outer texture ensures that the fish will take the lure into its mouth and allow the hook to be set.

Christine P. Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of salmon fishing. Her website Fishing Secrets Revealed provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about bass fishing lures. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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