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Wholesale Fishing Lures For Big Profits


Wholesale fishing lures are available at wholesalers for sporting goods items and tackle on the internet or at wholesale outlets across the country. Buying wholesale fishing lures doesn’t necessarily mean having to buy lots of twelve dozen of everything that you want as it did even just a few years ago. Online wholesalers typically sell items just like any other retail store, however the additional expense of shipping and insurance will typically be added on at the checkout. Most of the sites have secure checkouts for easy and trouble free payments.

Wholesale fishing lures may be current models and brands or they may be overstocked or discontinued brands or models. Often wholesalers will buy up bait shop supplies for business that are closing and then wholesale the items either to private individuals or other bait stores or companies. The discounts are often over thirty to fifty percent off the retail price, so it is great idea to check out the liquidation areas of the wholesales websites or shopping outlets.

Sporting shows and exhibitions or tournament shows are often a great place to find excellent prices on wholesale fishing lures. These shows are a great place for fishermen to find bargains on even new fishing lures or on those tried and true favorites. Many companies will bring in large qualities of new and current fishing lures and sell them at special tournament prices, often as low or lower than wholesale fishing lures.

With the ease of setting up websites and even selling on auction sites such as Froogle and eBay there are more and more anglers that are getting into buying wholesale fishing lures in large lots and then selling them in pre-set combination packages or individually through auction sites. Combination packs such as specialty packs for trout, bass or salmon fishing makes purchasing lures easy even for novice anglers. These packs are also a great idea close to special holidays such as Father's Day, Mother's Day and Christmas to name just a few.

Buying online is a terrific way to buy your own wholesale fishing lures as well as make a bit of extra pocket money to help fund your fishing outings. Typically all that you need to start an online store or to start auctioning off your items is a digital camera, internet connection and a reliable computer. Wholesale fishing lures can be bought online and then resold on different sites, but the key is to set prices so you will still cover the cost of the item even after fees and shipping is deducted.

Christine P. Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of salmon fishing. Her website Fishing Secrets Revealed provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about bass fishing lures. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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